Whatever Happened with Zika?

You probably haven’t heard much about the Zika epidemic in the last few years – whatever happened with Zika? In this episode, we follow the history of Zika – from its origins, to the widespread epidemic of 2015-2016, to the personal impact it had on those who were affected, to its disappearance, and to the possibility of preventing a future Zika epidemic through a vaccine. We spoke with Dalma Contina Soto, a mother of a child born with congenital Zika syndrome; Dr. Josefina Coloma, an epidemiologist who studies the Zika virus and works to prevent mosquito-borne diseases in Nicaragua; and Dr. Anna Durbin, an infectious disease specialist who tests potential vaccines for Zika and Dengue.

To listen to the original Spanish audio of Dalma’s interview, check out our Soundcloud playlist “Zika miniseries – Spanish audio”.

Some of this content was originally featured as an audio companion to a USAID photo exhibit detailing efforts to combat Zika in Latin America and the Caribbean. To check out the photos, go to spark.adobe.com/page/PdfTwBPiuCH3F/.

This episode is part of a 2-part miniseries – the next episode, all about prevention of mosquito-borne diseases like Zika, releases on September 16th. Stay tuned!

Osama Ahmed