Introduction: The Battle Against Viruses (re-run)

Dr. David Gordon studies HIV. In Life/Science, a mini-series produced in collaboration with the UCSF Quantitative Biosciences Institute, we're giving you a peek behind the curtain. This isn't just a series about science, it's also about the process, about what it actually means to do this kind of research - including the confusion, failures, and triumphs David has faced along the way.

You might notice this isn’t the first time this episode has appeared in our feed. We originally launched this series about a year ago, but science is… unpredictable. Now, the project we’re covering in this series is just about complete, and we’re ready to dive in! Life/Science will be updated bi-weekly, so make sure to tune in for episode 2. We'll take a deep dive into the experiments David used to figure out how HIV hijacks human cells for its own nefarious purposes.

This episode was written and produced by Ben Mansky, Katie Cabral, and Elina Kostyanovskaya. Music featured in this episode comes from Podington Bear. Other contributors to David's research include Ariane Watson, Stefanie Jager, and Assen Roguev.

Osama Ahmed