The Place Where it Happened: UCSF and the HIV/AIDS Crisis

In the early 80s, a new disease appeared in San Francisco, baffling scientists and alarming the public. Since then, our understanding of HIV/AIDS has made enormous strides, with treatments and prevention making leaps and bounds too. However, these advances haven't reached everyone quite yet. In a live recording, we speak to five people who have been instrumental in shaping HIV/AIDS treatment, policy, and care in San Francisco and abroad, and ask them about the barriers that still remain today.

This episode features two pre-recorded video segments from the co-founder and current director of Ward 86 at ZSFGH, the oldest HIV/AIDS ward in the country. You can hear the audio in the episode, but keep scrolling to check out the videos themselves!

Recorded during a live event at UCSF Alumni Weekend.
Hosted by Ben Mansky and Anna Lipkin
Written and produced by Ben Mansky, Anna Lipkin, Katie Cabral, Stephanie Wankowicz, Liron Noiman, and Yiqi Cao

Music in this episode:
Thought Bubbles by Lee Rosevere
String in a Box
Hundred Mile by Blue Dot Sessions

Episode Art courtesy of UCSF Archives AIDS History Project