The Robin Hood of Data Science

If you stop to think about it, the amount of data we generate every day is truly mind-blowing - so much so that it's changing the way we live. In fact, our ability to quantify and measure large biological datasets has revolutionized the way we study and treat human diseases. In this episode, we speak to Dr. Atul Butte, who exploits these massive, publicly-available datasets to create novel and effective therapies for those in need.

Music used in this episode includes:
Blue Dot Sessions: Borough, Beignet, Game Hens, The Zeppelin, Hundred Mile, Lord Weasel, Dorica
Podington Bear: Cascades, Window Shopping, Daydreamer
Musick's Recreation, Milena Cord-to-Krax: Gavotte (BWV 995)

Osama Ahmed